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Training and Instructional Design
What Did YOU Learn Today?

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the "ROI on Training and Coaching is 7 times the initial investment" and "35% of Millennials report training and development as the top benefit they want from a Company". 


Unfortunately, those of us who recall the downturn of 2008 remember the focus on employee development became categorized as an afterthought that did not improve revenue.  While we all understand that tough decisions must be made in business, not providing development for your employees is not only short-sighted, according to this report, a large group of the workforce is clearly stating its objection to the outdated continuation of those policies. 


These factors, combined with the "traits and behaviors lifelong learners exhibit, such as self-motivation, insatiable curiosity, and intelligent risk taking" clearly demonstrate the compelling need for a learning focus within organizations who want to grow. 


Ready to realize the benefits of helping your employees move to the next level in knowledge and skills? 

Contact us for customized training programs including SCORM compliant LMS options, gamified training, skills training, and Mentorship Solutions.


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